Advertising space in the website is FLAT RATE

Why advertise here? It's Economical, Targeted, effective and Professional.

Jackman Media will create a linked Photo/text advertising button that connects your customer to a second dedicated landing page and/or directly to your own site on the web. The advantage of the single landing page is that it can be used for monthly specials, announcements, and quick change text or graphics or even embedded video!

Click on the Merry Scotland ad button on the left to see the landing page and the web link to her website as an example.

Basic, one ad button linked to landing page, linked to your website. ...$20 per month
with your photos and your Text copy.

Additional Creative work:

  • Custom Website creation $150 home page , $100 per additional page.
  • Video production post production, and graphic arts $45/hr written quote and signed approval required.

    CALL NOW - Paul Jackman 352 503 2190

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