International Wildlife Artist Merry Scotland is in Florida Painting the shore birds that frequent the Chassahowitzka river.

As a child, Painter/Sculptor Merry Scotland developed what has become a lifelong interest in animals, particularly horses and dogs, as a subject of art as friends and companions.

Early on, Merry began painting, drawing and sculpting these animals which had long been so important in her life. Her earliest works were executed in pen and ink. She quickly progressed to acrylics, starting with head studies and moving on to full figure portraits with landscape backgrounds. Soon interested in several other facets of the visual arts, she began to treat her subject matter in sculpture, starting with clay and leading to limited editions in bronze.

Merry's chief influences as a young artist were Roger Troy Peterson, Bob Abbott, Guy Coheleach and a number of other noted wildlife and animal artists. She has always been primarily interested in the realistic rendering of her subject matter.

A career in breeding, training and rearing race horses, jumpers and American Saddlebred show horses enabled Merry to develop a more thorough and discerning understanding of these animals. She has also owned dogs of many breeds, including Labrador retrievers, Dachshunds, Irish Setters, terriers and mixed breeds throughout her life. It is this close association with animals that has enabled Merry to portray them so successfully in her art.

Particularly appealing to Merry have been subjects such as polo matches, race horses, field trials and African wild life. Subjects she has treated in many different perspectives in various media including ceramic designs and China painting, architectural tile designs and jewelry. These items are available in a number of stores around the country.

In addition to her realistic painting, Merry displays a delightfully creative humor with some of her humanized dog portraits. Examples of both can be seen on Merry Scotlands wesite. (see link below).

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Merry Scotland's other interests in the arts extend to music. An accomplished pianist, she is especially fond of Dave Brubeck, Dave McKenna, George Gershwin, Hoagie Carmichael and many of the classical composers. Her paintings reflect the music in her soul

To contact Merry Scotland go to her website

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