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UPDATE: The Chassahowitzka River County Boat Ramp is now open

The boat ramp is is now open. A new wider modular prefabed ramp is now functional. This area is designated for Trailer launching. A seperate access area for Canoes and Kayaks only is in it's final stages of construction and should be open by Tuesday May 25th! panerai replica sale

FWC to Repair, Replace boating signs in Citrus County.

In a news release issued on March 30th, 2010 The The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) will soon begin work to remove, repair, clean and install waterway markers in Citrus County. Read the full article on the FWC website "CLICK HERE".

Black Bears Seen In the Neighborhood!

There is a project underway by the Florida Wildlife Commission to make residents and visitors of Chassahowitzka aware of Black Bear activity in the neighborhood. Especially on trash pickup days when people leave their trash out at curbside for the next days scheduled pick up. Residents have reported Black bears rummaging through trash in the village just off Miss Maggie Drive. The Defenders of wildlife organization, working with the FWC is handing out literature, along with a magnetic Black Bear to stick on your refrigerator (we all need more stuff for our refrigerator door). The message it carries is important both for the protection of the Florida Black Bear and the people that might encounter them. By the way , The little black bear refreigerator magnet won't keep the bears away, You have to make the effort yourself. cartier replica sale
  • NEVER feed Bears! (it's the law)
  • Dont leave kitchen trash outside overnight!
  • Don't go near the bears! hublot replica
  • Another favorite of the Bears is the popular bird feeders!

    UPDATE: ALERT- The Black Bears have been active inside the Mclung Loop Area. Take appropriate cautions especially the night before trash pick up days. Residents have been leaving trash out overnight for pick up next morning. The Bears are beginning to establish this as a feeding area.

    Provided by the Defenders of Wildlife Organization


    This winter's record breaking cold has taken it's toll on the Gulf Fisheries. The Snook were hit hard this year as evidenced by the large numbers of Snook washed up along the Gulf beaches after some pretty hard freezes that caught them during their migration South to warmer waters. According to the FWC the Snook season is now closed due to the record cold winter temperatures that resulted in a large fish kill. The season will remain closed in state and federal waters along the Gulf coast, up to and including Aug 31, 2010. omega replica uk