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The Chassahowitzka River is a tidal river influenced by the Gulf of Mexico , but it's main source of freshwater comes from multiple Springs. There is a group of Springs just Northeast of the boat ramp, the largest one is referred to as the Main Spring, classified as a 1st magnitude spring (discharge over 100 cubic feet per second), and is 13.5' deep. It is located approximately 300 feet up stream,from the boat ramp, then another 200 feet and to the left, is a group referred to as "Seven Sisters Springs. The photo above was taken at the #1 spring in the Seven sisters group in June of 2009. The water temperature of these springs is a constant 72 degrees(f), which is one of the reasons the Manatees are attracted to the river, especially during the winter months when the gulf water temperature is much lower.

According to the Florida Geological Survey the total discharge of this fresh water spring group is 3,729,600 gallons per hour. This is provisional data, the discharge is dependent on total rainfall in the region. Data collected shows a high rate of 5.3 m gallons per hour in May of 1966, and a low discharge in July of 1964 was only 856,310 gallons per hour. REF: Public files in a .pdf file format at the Florida Geological Survey website

Florida Geological Survey PDF

Other notable springs along the river like Crab Creek Spring , Baird Creeks Blue Spring and The Crack, and Potter Creek Springs are noted on the Printable map, and I will be adding new photos in the Photo Gallery as well.

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